Mag pouch 360
360 S Mag. Pouch
360 mag pouch 3/4
360 blue mag pouch
360 blue mag pouch
360 green mag pouch
360 green mag pouch back
360 grey mag pouch
360 grey mag pouch back
360 orange mag pouch
360 orange mag pouch back
360 red mag pouch
360 red mag pouch back
360 white mag pouch
Mag pouch 360
360 clip d back
360 blue clip d
360 blu mag pouch back
360 green mag pouch
360 green clip d mag pouch back
360 clip d grey back
360 clip d orange 3/4
360 clip d orange back
360 clip d red 3/4
360 clip d red back
360 clip d white back
360 Mag Pouch Pink
360 Mag Pouch Yellow
360 Mag Pouch White

360 Mag. Pouch


The Ghost 360° Magazine Pouch is supplied with two pouches for vertical or horizontal carry, internal retention of the magazine and gives complete carry freedom and flexibility due to the rotating speed clip. Different retention springs to ensure the best suited retention for you needs.



Extend your mag pouch! 

Spacer kit for all Ghost mag pouches.

Compatible with:

  • 360 mag pouches / S version
  • Hybrid mag pouches
  • Ar15 mag pouches (not low ride)
  • Ak47 mag pouches (not low ride)
  • Pro 4 and pro 8
  • 1911 single stack
  • Rotating Clip or Rotating clip D (quick release)


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The 360° Universal Ghost Magazine Pouch comes with two pouches for vertical or horizontal carry, retains the magazine internally, and provides complete carry freedom and flexibility thanks to the rotating speed clip. Various types of retention springs ensure the best-suited retention for your needs. Additionally, the pouches feature a system to remove all magazine movement inside.

Clip D:

The 360° mag pouch is available with special opening Clip D, a special clip made by the highest resistant technopolymer in the market.
You can open and close it pulling up the two levers on the sides of the clip, so you can mount and remove any Ghost accessories or holsters that use this clip. The rotating system gives the possibility to angle all the accessories for the most comfortable use.



  • Quick-release 3G – D Clip
  • With Two Mag Holders
  • For either Vertical or Horizontal Carry
  • Firm Grip of Magazines, inside the Pouch
  • Available in Black, Orange, White, Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Pink & Yellow


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